Air Purifiers and Pet Birds – 3 Reasons a Purifier Can Help Keep Your Bird Healthy

If you have a pet bird, it counts on you to do everything you can to keep it healthy. Captive birds tend to be exposed to many more pollutants and higher amounts of pollutants in the wild, such as house dust, other pet droppings, cooking fumes, and particles from each other if you have more than one bird. which have no way to dissipate from your air. Using an air purifier is a proactive and environmentally friendly way to help your bird live a long and healthy life. Here are 3 reasons why this is true.

It reduces the spread of airborne diseases-Many diseases and infections that birds can suffer from are spread by viruses and bacteria. They often attach to larger airborne pollutants to travel from one host to another. So, having a lot of pollutants in the air, such as bird dust, feathers, droppings and even dried droppings that can remain in the air, increases the chances of some bird diseases spreading from one bird to another, and sometimes with diseases like psittacosis. cases spread from birds to humans. Removing these particles before your bird inhales or ingests them makes your bird room a healthier place.

It reduces the chance of respiratory infections-Birds have very small lungs, with 9 air sacs, which extend to many bones, including the humerus bone (shoulder and elbow), femur (hip), vertebrae (back) and skull, which serves them well as long as the air is good. . This efficient air distribution system also makes it susceptible to respiratory infections. They are also able to take in more oxygen per breath than mammals, that is, as long as there is fresh air. But if there are toxins in the air, they affect us faster and to a greater extent. Their systems are essential to keep the air fresh at all times, and 24-hour HEPA filtration eliminates 99,997 of 10,000 bacteria, viruses and toxins and other airborne pollutants. Keeping the air clean will go a long way in increasing the health and lifespan of birds.

It increases the chances of safe breeding-In an environment with high air quality, the birds tend to be healthy, that is, they are able to produce eggs, and the eggs they produce are generally of better quality. This means their offspring will be tougher and a higher percentage will thrive because they are exposed to cleaner air with fewer pollutants.

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