Dog Training Can Start When Your Puppy Is Young

Almost every day, we are asked when a puppy can start training. It really depends on what kind of training you are talking about, whether you are talking about formal obedience training or toilet training.

When can you start toilet training? Potty training is something that should start right away when you bring your puppy home. This is also the perfect time to teach your puppy not to chew on your personal items. Personally, I like the crate training method of house training. I feel this has the most effective and long lasting effects. While you use the crate to train your dog, it also serves as a way to eliminate an enormous amount of chewing. At this point, it is very important to eliminate chewing. I tell people that if you have a six-month-old dog chewing, you will have a six-month-old dog chewing, so we want to stop this bad habit now.

How old should a puppy be to start obedience training? I have found that the perfect age for formal obedience training is 16 weeks (four months). At 16 weeks their minds are like little sponges and they can absorb anything you want to teach them.

I am often asked if we can wait for training until the dog is one year old. The answer is sure, the only problem is that in a year your dog will develop a bunch of bad habits. By starting early, hopefully your puppy will not develop these bad habits.

Another question that arises is a dog too old to train. We’ve all heard the phrase that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. That’s not true, you can teach old dogs new tricks.

It is very important for your puppy to get used to his collar and leash, so get a small leash and leash when the puppy is around 8 – 10 weeks old and start accustoming him to walking around the house and on a leash and leash. short walks

Now, last but not least, I need a professional trainer to help me train my dog. The answer is no, you don’t need a professional trainer. However, having someone to guide you through difficult points and teach you appropriate training methods will definitely make your life easier.

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