Questions to Ask Siamese Cat Breeders

Siamese cats are a great breed to have in your home: They’re good with children, don’t usually bark at people or furniture, and aren’t known for chewing on electrical cords or other objects. Another thing in the house and a beautiful animal to show your friends. and guests. When deciding to buy one, you should ask other Siamese breeders a few questions, to make sure that you are making a good investment, before buying the problems yourself.

1. Ask for directions. Most people don’t buy a different breed of animal without doing some research and your best research is to ask Siamese breeders for referrals from past buyers. . If the producer is aware of your request, or wants the opportunity to join them – be careful. Most breeders will be ready for the application and have a list for you, as well as other buyers.

2. Ask to see the cat’s birth certificate and/or the parent’s birth certificate. Most health problems are hereditary and if Siamese cat breeders do not have the papers to prove the cat’s family history: You may be looking at expensive health problems in the future .

3. Ask about guarantees. A good breeder, who takes care of their reputation will give you a guarantee that the cat will be free from hereditary diseases. When you think you’re paying more for a particular type of pet, rather than getting one at a pet shelter – it’s worth making sure you don’t get a huge discount.

4. Ask about any medications the cat is on. All cats should be neutered and receive their prescribed medication. The best Siamese cat breeders will go above and beyond the ranks of the medical profession.

5. Ask about recommendations for caring for your new cat. An experienced vet can quickly teach you how to care for your cat and provide a source of knowledge throughout your cat’s life.

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