Rare and unusual breeds of cats

There are many rare and unique cat breeds. Some breeds are not very different, but not too much, for example the British Shorthair, which may be difficult for a flower lover.

Of course, there are some things that the owner should consider before buying a small model. The price is not cheap. The smaller types, surprisingly, are expensive, but you shouldn’t be tempted to buy one from a bad source.

With that in mind, if you love cats and are thinking about welcoming a different breed into your life, then here are some of the breeds you may want to consider:

Abyssinian Bobtail


American Jew

Little America

Black Bengal

Brooklyn Rex


California Spangled




Dragon Li

Portuguese Elf

Kurilian Bobtail



The cats above are some of the rarest breeds, but there are many rare breeds and other breeds. For any cat lover interested in rare breeds, it’s important to remember that new breeds are being discovered or created all the time. Some of the most popular types of pigs are:

United States

The American Wirehair was not domesticated, but it was discovered in New York, in 1966. At this time, some domestic cats were born with a mutation of the fur, which was twisted and black. Today, the American Wirehair can be found in many colors and is often considered a native American cat.


As the name suggests, the Highlander is made from Highland Lynx. It is one of the newest breeds, first introduced in 2004. Due to its wild ancestry, the Highlander is larger than the average domestic cat, but is known for its love and affection. Of course, owners choose the Highlander, because it looks more like a dog than a regular cat.


The Kinkalow is another type that has been introduced recently. It is a small breed and was created by crossbreeding the Munchkin with an American Curl. Later, he had visions of both. The Kinkalow has a curly back like an American Curl, but has the short legs of a Munchkin.

Lambkin Dwarf Cat

Like the Kinkalow, the Lambkin is a dwarf type and closely related to the Munchkin. However, the Lambkin Dwarf was developed by breeding the Munchkin with the Selkirk Rex. The Lambkin Dwarf, also known as Nanus Rex, was introduced in 1987. Owners find the quirky appearance of a Lambkin attractive. It has short legs and a long body, which means it resembles a Dachshund. Another winning feature of the Lambkin is its eyes, as in most cats of the species, it is blue.


Another very recent feline is the Serengeti, which was first bred in 1994. Although the Serengeti looks similar to the Serval, it was bred from domestic cats. The Serengeti can be found in black, tabby or ebony (smoke) colors and is characterized by nature, making it a pleasant animal.

This is not a complete list of all types of cats and other types of cats, but it will show some of the most popular and some of the most common types. As mentioned above, when thinking of buying a rare breed, it is necessary to visit a reputable breeder.

Likewise, it is important for owners to understand that having a cat is a guarantee for the life of the animal, so be sure to research the type that you can provide. your cat to a happy and healthy home.

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