Siberian Cats – The Story of an Allergy Free Cat

Siberian cats are called hypoallergenic. For me this is true. The definition of hypoallergenic is lower in allergens, not allergy free. Every cat is different just like every person. We have 5 breeding cats here at Kings Choice Siberians and one neuter and kittens. I have severe allergies (hives, asthma, allergy, etc.) with allergists testing to confirm. I can live with 2, no problem. This much, I need a little medicine. I bathe them every 2 – 4 weeks – Siberians can be bathed and of course a lot of people enjoy the water, it removes a little bit of Fel d1 and after I constantly shower myself in burying my face in their clean, dry fur. In my house, I have no curtains, only blinds and throw rugs. I also don’t let my cats sleep in my own bedroom, creating a free zone. Finally, I outsource the trash work to others and roll clean boxes myself when I’m done. Anyway, I’m fine. For a long time, until the cats were fixed – we have 10. I’m sitting here typing this well, in the spring no less, I will not sneeze at my feet eyes like mine in the house of the owner of one domestic cat. Every person and cat is different. I can feel a little pain when the baby’s claws hit me, but they are very young and covered in mother’s foam. Just a touch of Benadryl cream and it’s gone.

Vacuum, bathe them and put in a real Siberian purebred – not a mountain cat. Of course, the pure Siberians are very doubtful in the houses. If you’re willing to take the occasional medication and/or Benadryl cream for rashes (you think you’re highly allergic like I am) you should be fine. Customers with minor allergies tell me they have no symptoms. Like I said, cats and people are different. We breed only traditional Siberians. The difference between a tradition and “not” other things is a color point. They got this from their family by going to Siamese. This, I am embarrassed because I do not want to add an allergy level to an extraordinary situation. They are called Nevas, Neva Masquerade, Color Point Siberians, CP or Lynx – everything is the same. Some allergy sufferers claim to do well with the Nevas, but for me, it’s not worth the trouble. You will quickly recognize them by their white color and Siamese-type markings. Traditional Siberians come in every color and texture. Cinnamon, lilac and fawn are the only colors that are not allowed. The reason for this is that it is repeated through external crosses. They are not a natural color for Siberia.

People have been asking me about the Fel d1 test. This is not the best way to choose your Siberian. The testing facility will tell you that there is a 50% error rate on valid tests. That percentage of failure actually increases with collection errors. This test is useless. It is very expensive. Breeders give these numbers to entertain the public rather than real value. A fur test is pointless because the breeder is able to bathe the cat 1. bath with moon before testing. A cat may have licked a test cat that was inoculating saliva with Fel d1. So how does this boil down? Yes, no one is immune. They quickly realized that people can get sick from cold air. So to say it is allergy free is a lie. However, as I said hypoallergenic means low in allergens. Yes, Siberians can be hypoallergenic. An allergy sufferer like me can live happily with their own cat. You must be prepared to do the legwork to research your breed of choice, pay the fees required to breed such a wonderful animal and keep it clean so you can live a long, happy life. with a beautiful cat that lives forever. 20 years ago. If you’ve always wanted a cat – it’s your passion and you love it and you’re responsible, then I suggest you look at the flower. It might just be what you wanted.

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