3 Cats are better than dogs

Choosing between a cat and a dog for a pet can be a difficult decision. They are both furry and cute, but they are two very different things. Cats have great qualities like the way they groom themselves, how they keep themselves clean and their adorable behavior makes them great family pets.

Cats don’t live in a lot of space

People who have a golden retriever or a small dog as a pet are familiar with how much room they take up in bed. Due to their large size, they like to have their own space, the room where they play and exercise, and their belongings (like dog beds/toys) so a They have a wide space to be happy and healthy.

On the other hand, cats don’t need a lot of space to live. It is big enough to fit their necessities such as litter boxes (one box for each cat and one more) with food and water bowls, all of which ensure the happiness of the Kitty.

It is more likely to have a cat.

During their lifetime, cats require less care than dogs. There are some very expensive cat breeds but when it comes to breeding costs, cats and kittens are better than dogs or cats, especially when it comes to litters. or the number of cats in the house. There are shelters that will waive their fees or offer two pets for the price of one.

There are many expenses to consider when owning a pet, including supplies and maintenance, etc. Because dogs tend to mistreat their toys, the ones made with them are more difficult (more expensive) or need to be replaced from time to time. Toys for cats are easy to buy at the store but even easier (and easier) to DIY.

Dogs need exercise because this is important to their health, however, it is difficult to walk the dog two or three times a day when the owner has a full-time job. On average, it costs $15 to $20 to walk the dog and even figuring it out, costs can add up quickly. On the other hand, cats easily enjoy sleeping, resting and playing when they are alone at home while their parents are at work. Two cats are best left alone because they don’t get bored.

Indoor cats easily quarrel.

To stay happy and healthy, dogs need exercise, long walks and lots of time outside. It is almost impossible for them to stay at home alone. However, this can be difficult if dog owners have limited mobility, do not have a fence and their home does not have access to parks.

Cats are safer when they stay indoors and it’s easier to argue when lying next to a window or curled up in the sun on a bed. The window should be slightly open to let fresh air in (but not too wide for the cat to run through). This makes the cats very happy as they watch the birds and cats all day long.

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