3 Starting Points When Missing Portuguese Water Dogs Home

As with raising a child, there are always ways and means to help a puppy mature. But most of us say that, unlike dogs, children are governed by universal and immutable rules. But when it comes to caring for, say, Portuguese water dogs or weimaraners, there are three things that still make people ooh and ahh. Indeed, “My dog ​​doesn’t care about me at all” or “It has changed irreversibly!” How many times will we hear your words?

1. Dogs cannot learn our English until we show them how.

Have you noticed how a dog or puppy looks at us like a child looks at a magician? Dogs behave this way because our lives truly become theirs; They examine our body language and facial expressions. Until we make our English easy to learn, that’s all they have! “Eeeee?” If we say one day, “Do you want to pee?” then, “Okay, shall we go out?” on the third, note that they are moving towards the door, because they are already used to seeing us take the leash and walk out the door.

But if you want your dog to step up his training, why not choose a single command for each trainable behavior without ever changing it? Also instruct all family members to stick to their word.

2. Dog metabolism sometimes runs faster than our own estimates.

All this means you don’t need to be shocked when your puppy eats and drinks a lot and pees more and pots more. Punishing your puppy for cleaning the house is your own fault, really and simply put. Even a large 6-week-old puppy won’t be able to take a pee break an hour! Therefore, tearing down a 7 to 8 week old dog’s home already means negligence.

Examples of behavior that says the dog is about to disappear: when he wakes up from a nap, after eating, or when he starts sniffing and running circles on the floor. You may want to take it and hurry. When successful, put on a big show by praising the dog for a job well done.

3. Dogs are fast when it comes to learning our facial expressions and body language.

This simply means that the worst punishment you can give your dog (for which you have to be good friends) is to frown and turn your back on him. If you punish him this way for a violation (rather than spanking, shouting, or throwing something) you can be sure he’ll get your message. But show him your happy face once again because he has a short attention span.

Finally, dog owners everywhere should use consistent commands and loving compliments. That way their dogs (and your Portuguese water dogs) will have an easier time knowing what you want from them. They will soon become masters of your body language and facial expressions.

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