6 Things to Consider When Buying a Ragdoll Kitten

What you read will save you a lot

Heartache. Buying a Ragdoll Kitten, even from a breeder, is possible

become a minefield. Here are 6 things you should watch out for

going to a breeder for a Ragdoll cat.

Ragdoll cats are one of the most popular cats in the

time. There’s a good reason for that. The Ragdoll cat

love and fun all around. But you really are

Be careful where you buy your pet

because not all breeders are created equal, and neither are you

want to get rid of a pet that has health problems.

1. Ask your breeder if the cat is a full Ragdoll.

It might be a stupid question to ask, but it is something

you need to know. Some are cross-breeders

the Ragdoll with other species in order to obtain new colors

and features. A Ragdoll cat is only considered a

fullbreed when its four generations come out of a cross.

2. If the producer is asking for the lowest price than the amount

others in the area, ask why.

The breeder may or may not cut

tell you the full story. It’s embarrassing, but you have to

on tour. It may be as simple as they seem

trying to attract more customers, or more cats

this year than expected, but you have to ask the whole question

the same.

3. Is the baby 12 weeks or older?

If you want a well-adjusted pet then this is it

You wait until the baby is 12 weeks old. this is

provide time for the breeder to interact with the cattle, eg

All good nurses know how to do it. Apart from this

the stronger the immune system of the cow. Make sure

the bull got one of his shots. Management

clean to breeders who give kittens at 8 weeks. If they

This is done in order to keep costs down, even as beef grows

The fastest time is between 8-12 weeks. You are great

it’s best to wait to get your Ragdoll. It will be easy

you, and it’s easy for them.

4. Get a medical certificate and contract.

Do not buy beef without a health certificate and contract.

This protects both you and the breeder. Remember to read the

Contract with caution. Don’t just take their word for it. A

The breeder is more than happy to sign a contract if they are

it is clear that their child is not sick. Work

of course the warranty is two years, according to some defects

do not show until the cat is fully grown.

5. Visit the cattery.

If possible, you should visit the cattery and see

the conditions in which cats are raised. A lot

things to look for: overall cleanliness; maybe the men

and women are separated in order to prevent childbirth; those are

cats with cats separated from other cats? alone

make sure there are no cats as well apart. If they

they seem to be walking with less humanity

connecting this can be like a storm. They will worry around

stranger and you don’t like that.

6. Be social.

If a cow runs away from a person, it is good

never been contacted. This will take place

A fearful cat and an anxious or neurotic cat at times

Ragdoll cats grow up. If you buy beef no

dating makes it hard for them to move…and even

it’s more difficult for you.

A Ragdoll cat is one of the most beautiful and loving cats

you can buy. When it comes to cat adoption, you need to

Beware of dangers, both you and your new pet

cheer up.

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