A Book Review of Kate, the Ghost Dog – Coping With the Death of a Pet – Author Wayne L Wilson

In Kate, The Ghost Dog: Coping With the Death of a Pet, Wayne L. Wilson delicately weaves threads of family support into a fabric of love and understanding to help young people cope with the loss of their beloved pet.

What seems real is the way the book conveys the feelings of a girl growing into an adult. Each child feels isolated and in times of disappointment, the need to reach out to other family members is weighed against the desire to be left alone to deal with personal losses. It is the breaking down of personal barriers and the opening up of the girl’s feelings with the support of a functional family that is most enjoyable and well done in Wilson’s writing. The book, by design, shows people how to open themselves to the support of their family, and is a model for all kinds of loss, whether it is a pet or even a family member.

Beautifully illustrated by Soud, the book is gilded with just the right amount of pictures. It’s not too much to make a picture book overpowering, and done with style incorporate little tidbits and style highlights. The book is pleasing to the eye and a quick and easy read. It definitely made me think of the loss I had with my pet a while ago, and gave me an uplifting message.

I recommend this to all family libraries and elementary schools. This book can be a gift for those who have recently suffered the loss of a pet or for those who love their pets now, so that they can cherish the days they spent together. This shows that the love of a pet stays with a person forever.

Title: Kate, the Ghost Dog: Coping With the Death of a Pet

Author: Wayne L. Wilson

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