Breed Review – All about Ragdoll cats

Ragdolls are one of the most beautiful cat breeds. With their long coats, distinctive markings and bright blue eyes it’s no wonder they are one of the most sought after pedigree cats. Despite their name, there is nothing bad or bad about this type. In fact, their name is derived from the fact that the species moves a little and stays still when harvesting.

The story of the first Ragdoll cats is something else. They were adopted by a breeder named Ann Baker, in California in the 1960s who believed her cat had been transplanted at the hospital after a car accident. After she came home from care, she said a long-haired white cat named Josephine was walking around when she was pregnant. Although this may have been a side effect of the accident, her new calves exhibited the same behavior, leading Baker to believe that Josephine’s genes had been altered. He began breeding Josephine with males that showed unique and beautiful traits, and the Ragdoll breed was developed.

Although they can be identified by their distinctive markings when fully grown, Ragdoll kittens are born white and take up to three years for them to reach maturity and their coats to fully develop. signs. For this reason if you buy a Ragdoll cat it is very important to double check all the papers that can confirm the pedigree of the cat, especially if you are planning to show the cat.

The Ragdoll cat’s fur is very soft and fluffy, and it is often said that it looks more like a rabbit than a cat. Unlike many other breeds, Ragdolls are not prone to excessive shedding, and in fact, may shed more than short-haired cats. Another feature of this amazing breed is that their coat does not require as much brushing or grooming as other long hair types. Running a long-tooth comb or brushing your Ragdoll cat’s coat once a week is usually enough to remove dead hair and clean out the bumps. Pay special attention to your cat’s neck area, however, as this is where the mattress can reach.

Ragdoll cats are usually white with coloring in the corners such as the ears, tail and feet. These signs are similar to those of the Siamese. There are three common markings found in the Ragdoll breed: spotted, bicolour and mitted. All of these colors are allowed at the shows, as long as they fit within the requirements for each type of label. Specific Ragdoll cats have colors very similar to the Siamese, with their overall coat being a single color and black on the tips of the ears and tail. Bicolour Ragdoll cats are the same shade, but with a white inverted V on their face, and a white chest, belly and legs. Mitted Ragdolls have a similar appearance to the spotted, but must have a white chest and belly, and white feet, or “socks”.

Another characteristic that the Ragdoll shares with a Siamese cat is light eyes. Although the preferred color is blue, it is not uncommon for Ragdoll cats to have light green eyes.

When it comes to size, Ragdolls are one of the largest cat breeds. Adult male cats can weigh up to ten kilograms (1.5 stone, or 20 lbs) with female cats slightly lighter. They are solid cats with strong bones, however, their temperament, open features and red coat soften their overall appearance.

Like a little need exercise and easy to care for, another feature that makes these adorable cats great family pets is their temperament. Ragdoll cats are gentle giants, and they are easy-going, gentle, calm and gentle cats. They are very affectionate and enjoy spending time with their owners. They make great pets for families with children, and they love to get along with other pets. Their beauty and beauty will win the hearts of any lucky person.

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