Buy the Right Bird Toys For Your Pet Birds

Bird toys are probably not among the first things that come to mind when considering what it takes to care for a parrot. However, studies have shown that bird toys are very important for a parrot’s development. Choosing the right toys will provide your parrot with a safe and attractive environment in which to play and exercise, both inside the parrot’s cage and when it is allowed to roam around the house. However, choosing the wrong toys can lead to boredom and even worse, injury or death!

Screaming, biting, charging and plucking feathers are the result of a bored bird. This bad behavior can be eliminated if a parrot is engaged and kept active; especially during the time they are in the parrot cage. An owner would expect their parrot to be taken out of its cage several times a day and interacted with and played with toys, so appropriate toys for both the parrot’s cage and outside should be considered.

Bird Toys should provide multiple functions for your parrot. It’s a good idea to stock your parrot’s cage with different types of toys that train and stimulate your bird’s different curiosity and curiosity needs. Some parrots like to make noise and played with different bells and other noise making toys for a long time. Others like to chew throughout the day and it is essential to provide these birds with bird toys that provide opportunities to break and chew, or else they may chew through their cage or your furniture when roaming around the house.

Puzzle toys are great for improving a bird’s problem-solving skills. Mixing food with puzzle toys is a very good idea. One would notice that birds often abandon a plate full of candy to work on a candy puzzle. You will find that rewards crafted into puzzles are enjoyed and eaten more than food offered in bowls. Other bird toys, which allow climbing, are suitable for exercise and keeping parrots in good physical shape. One common thing between different toys should be color – birds love bright and colorful toys!

Care should be taken to find bird toys made from safe materials. Be careful that toys will not be labeled “Contains Lead or Arsenic”; so be careful and check before going to pay. It is best to buy bird toys that are made of safe or organic plastic, although some woods such as cedar and oak can be dangerous to your parrot. The durability of toys is also a concern when a breakdown occurs; parrots can choke on small pieces. Bird toys should be regularly checked for deterioration, as with all things, toys do not last forever.

Your parrot needs to be stimulated and entertained with many different toys. Enriching bird toys provide captive birds with activities and stimuli found in their natural habitat. By copying natural behaviors that promote mental challenge, parrots will be healthier and happier. It should be equipped with toys, which will not endanger its safety, and in return it would provide quality time and a lot of fun for the whole family.

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