Dog Behavior Training – Matchstick Trick

The matchstick trick is a strange dog behavior training technique. Every time I suggest this to a client, I usually ask, “What do you want me to do?” Still it works. However, let me first start the trick with reasons why you might want to do this trick.

The matchstick trick is a way to get your dog to the toilet right away. There are several reasons why you might want to use this trick.

1. You are training a puppy at home. When home training a puppy or dog of any age, one of your main goals is to get your dog on a bathing schedule. To get that dog on a schedule, your dog has to go to the toilet when you ask him to go to the toilet. For some dogs, this is a challenge. You take them out and they wander around for a while and they don’t want to go to the bathroom. You as the person in the situation know that it will take some time before Fido has a chance to go to the bathroom again, so it would be in his best interest to go now. (It’s hard to explain the best care for a dog) Use the matchstick trick and you’ll help Fido go now so he can fit into your schedule.

2. I have clients from time to time who say that their dogs are conditioned to only go to the toilet in the backyard. When they take their dogs for a walk, they don’t go to the bathroom because they only associate the backyard with bath time. You can help change the relationship by using the matchstick trick. You can show your dog that it’s okay to relax in spots outside the backyard.

3. Constipated dogs. If your dog has a health problem, you should take him to the vet immediately. However, it may not hurt to try the matchstick trick to see if you can help your old friend get rid of their burden.

Okay, so what is this trick, you ask? First, get yourself a book of matches. They have to be the soft kind you pluck out of a book. Second, unscrew a match. Third, this is where it gets weird; Place the sulfur-free side or the torn side on your dog’s rear end. DO NOT LIGHTEN THE MATCH! I guess it goes without saying, but believe me, I’ve asked this question before. Place the match about halfway across your dog’s back and leave the rest out. If he goes any further, he could get in, and that would be bad news. Now wait. The match will be an uncomfortable feeling for your dog. Your dog will want to get rid of this feeling. To get rid of it, your dog crouches down and tries to push it out. In the process of expelling the match, your dog will have a bowel movement and voila! Mission completed.

Please note, the use of matches does not in any way mean that there will be a fire in this dog behavior training technique. The only reason to use a match is if it is the right size and has a soft texture.

Obviously you should pay attention to this dog behavior training technique. If you do it wrong, it can hurt your dog. But do it right and it gives you more control when training your dog.

Ty Brown and expressly disclaim any and all liability for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, that may arise or arise as a direct or indirect result of the use and application of this method.

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