Dog Obedience Training – Top 5 Tips for Training Your Dog

Learn the secrets to speeding up your dog’s training. You will learn how to get your dogs attention, communicate lessons effectively and thus reduce the time it takes before you see results.

1. Always use a non-forceful method of dog obedience training as this will earn you the respect you need to successfully train from your dog. Be firm, but never politely accompany it with a smack or bellow. Never strike fear into your dog’s heart; This is not a good method to train your dog.

2. Always be consistent in your commands and actions, the command you ask your dog to fulfill for you one day and praise him, do not scold him for tomorrow. Your dog will not understand. Make sure the person living with your dog knows the commands you teach them and acts as you do.

3. Always be clear and precise when you tell your dog to carry out a command for you, don’t choke on your words or make the command too long. If your dog has to wait too long for you to actually complete his command, he will lose concentration. Dog obedience training is about the owner being able to communicate with his dog and the dog following the order.

4. Always keep dog obedience training short, this way your dog’s concentration levels will stay high and they won’t get bored. If the sessions are too long and long, your dog will become restless and lose concentration. You need to keep these short and then you can do more training sessions throughout the day. If there is a particular command during a session that your dog is having a hard time with and doesn’t understand, then go ahead. Don’t waste all your time thinking about the fact that he didn’t understand the command. Just move on to the next one, you can return to the next later.

5. Always have fun, be happy, relax and you will find that you are still in control during your obedience training with your dog. If your dog is just having fun and can see you having fun, he will be happy to work with you. This is the purpose of dog obedience training, while having fun while learning at the same time.

Remember that all dogs are individuals and they all learn at different speeds, you cannot rush training; You should not accuse your dog of being ‘pale’ because he does not grasp a command as quickly as other dogs. Your dog is probably better or faster than them.

Some dogs are super sensitive, others are tougher and have nothing to worry about. They all learn differently and they all have individual personalities.

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