Dog Training Help – 2 Simple and Easy Pug Dog Training Tips

If you want to know some simple and easy puppy training tips then you cannot miss this article because in this article I will explain some simple tips that can answer some of your puppy training problems. In this article, I will tell you how to train your puppy not to bite and jump.

All these trainings are necessary for all puppies and your boxer is no exception, here are some tips for you:

Train your Pug not to bite.

The first training is to train your boxer not to bite. Since the Pug puppy is still young, he has to train it not to bite because this behavior will be dangerous when he grows up. Training your Pug not to bite means giving him something to chew on, giving him some chew toys or strings to chew on.

Also, don’t forget to socialize your puppy and take him to the boxer to meet other dogs, other people, and other animals.

Train your Pug not to jump.

The next training is to train your boxer not to jump. Jumping behavior on a puppy may be cute the first time, but it won’t be funny anymore if the pug jumps on you and messes up your clothes while you’re wearing your suit or dress up.

To keep your pug from jumping, you can ignore him while he’s jumping for attention, if you do this constantly, he’ll think it’s not a good idea to jump if he asks and pays attention. There are other things you can do as well.

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