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Raising crickets can be fun and easy. Many people have been buying cockroaches from pet stores for years. The money invested can easily add up to hundreds of dollars a year. Raising crickets is not very difficult with some simple rules and methods. In this article I will briefly explain how to make crickets at home.

The first thing you need is a container for the breeding colony. I like to use large plastic storage containers. The Rubbermaid brand works well and is under $10 at most grocery stores. You will need to make a few holes in the lid for it to run. I made about 20 holes with iron. A drill bit works well.

Now the temperature is very important. Chickens should be kept between 75 and 80 degrees. They will live in cooler temperatures but their regeneration will be slow. I keep my colonies in the closet of my spare bedroom. If you can’t keep them in the house because of their noise or a fearful family member you can keep them in the garage. But you need to provide a source of heat in the winter. What I have done in the past is put a medical hot plate under the pot. Another thing you can try is to cut a hole in the lid and place a light bulb inside its lid. light will provide heat for your cut.

Now for the shade in the box. The best thing to use is egg cartons. They provide a ton of storage space and maximize your floor space. You can also use paper towels or paper towels. They can roll to death and kill some bugs.

Feeding your pet the right food is important. Mating and mating will cause your female crickets to molt if they are not on a high protein diet. I give my small bag of food or cats. I also feed my chicken with vegetables once a week. You have to be very careful that the plants you give do not have pesticides on them. I have found that growing my own is the easiest way to do this. I grow mustard greens and collard greens in my flower beds and give them to my cuttings. I put the water in a shallow lid with maybe a pebble in the bottom. This keeps the little bags from dying.

All you have to do is provide a place for the females to lay their eggs. Place a small sandwich container filled with vermiculite in the bottom of your pot. Your women immediately begin to dig and produce. Now you can open the container and put it in another box until the baby ticks fall or you can put it in with big bags.

That’s all it takes to produce your own cut at home. Please see our website for more information on breeding crickets.

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