English Bulldogs – Although often misunderstood, Bulldogs make some of the best pets you can have.

Have you ever seen people who have pets that match their personality?

Well, I’m not talking about those people who have birds, fish, and reptiles for animals. (Though it’s arguable for SOME snake owners!) No, I’m talking about dog owners.

Those of us who have dogs for pets vary in temperament, lifestyle, grooming, and eating habits as there are many dog ​​breeds to choose from. Looking at the pet choices made by our family and friends can be interesting and informative!

Most dogs are loyal, loyal, loving, affectionate and outgoing. If you have a family with none of these characteristics, they are probably cat owners (or one of those snake people I mentioned earlier!).

I will use some members of my own family as examples of what I mean.

My father: When I was a child, we had a dog. The dog is not related to the father, because it is not HIS dog. So I can remember a Chinese crested, a German shepherd, a Collie, and various ‘mutts’ of unknown origin. The only exception is that all our dogs were ‘sent to doggie heaven’ by my father, usually before their time.

My daughter: My daughter is a dog lover. He breeds English bulldogs. Bulldogs have broad chests, low to the ground, and large heads. (No, the physical description of an English bulldog does not match my daughter’s physical description. She is very cute, thank you.) A bulldog is dark and playful when young and then slows down as it ages. This can be said for all of us!

But bulldogs are also loyal, known for their courage and are very friendly with children. This describes my daughter perfectly! She is a very strong young woman and the best mother I know.

Bulldogs are prone to drool and can be picky eaters. Again, this describes my daughter perfectly! (at two years old, that kid was always drooling!)

Look at your family and you will see that I am right. I hope you enjoyed my article and are considering getting an English Bulldog as a pet. They are amazing animals. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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