Etosha National Park – The number 1 game park in Namibia

In 2007, Etosha National Park celebrated its first 100 years of existence and continues to be one of Africa’s best game parks. Viewing Africa’s large game populations against the backdrop of the Etosha Pan is unlike any other experience found in Africa. The Etosha Pan, the highlight of the parks, is a large, shallow expanse of about 5,000 km² of dry, white sand. Mirages flashed in the distance and game animals roamed the wastelands peering out. During most of the year, the place known as ‘The Great White Place of Dry Water’ is dry.

When the rains start in Etosha National Park, the oshanas in Owamboland drain into the park, creating a great breeding ground for flamingos. As in the Okavango Delta, the life-giving power of water appears with the onset of rain. The courtyard quickly becomes a large courtyard full of grasses and wild flowers, while the elephants walk slowly.

There are 114 species of mammals, including the black rhinoceros, cheetah, and black-eyed impala. The only animals not found in Etosha National Park are the hippo and the crocodile. It’s almost impossible to find other animals roaming the park. There are about 340 different species of birds including ostrich and secretary birds.

The best places to see game in the dry season are at one of the park’s thirty waterholes. During the rainy season, animals hide behind dense vegetation and gather around natural mounds and puddles only during this season. However, it is almost impossible to see lion, wildebeest, giraffe, and other big cats when visiting Etosha National Park. Leopards are rare, and if you are very lucky you may see the predator kill.

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