Fasten your seat belt for a wild adventure

Indian wildlife offers a great opportunity for shutterbugs and travelers to capture the natural habitat of the big cat, the world famous one-horned rhinoceros, wild buffalo, the elephant family and relax and rejuvenate. between plants and animals. The country boasts of several well-maintained national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. These places attract a lot of tourists from all over the world throughout the year.

Discover the amazing wildlife

The silhouette of tall trees and animals, the sight of a forest house in the distance, the sound of rain falling on leaves evoke the feeling of a forest adventure. You can enjoy the moonlight, enjoy the bonfire, ride the elephant to different parts of the forest or ride a jeep to see the different activities of the animals. But jungle travel has its downsides. You must take care to avoid accidents and natural disasters. Make sure you have access to food, electricity, medical facilities, etc. where you live.

There are national parks in every corner of India. In the north are some of the oldest – Jim Corbett National Park, the dense forests of the Dudhwa National Park, the Great Himalayan National Park and the tiger reserves in the Ranthambore National Park and other protected areas.

On the Path of Legend

A must visit for wildlife photographers, the Corbett National Park is home to over 600 species of birds, Gharial crocodile, Black Bear, Leopard, wild dogs and other endangered species.

Deer sightings in the Terai

A home to the Barasingha and other wildlife species, Dudhwa National Park is located in the Terai region of Uttar Pradesh. Other famous sightings are the tiger, crocodiles, Bengal Florican and other winged species.

Click Wild in the East

Among the most famous national parks in the eastern part of India are the Gorumara National Park, the Sundarban Tiger Reserve, Bhitarkarnika Wildlife Sanctuary, Simlipal National Park and Nandan Kanan Sanctuary. If you are in Gorumara, see Bison, elephants, monkeys and more than 150 species of birds. You get a unique sense of tranquility in these hills of the Himalayas. Tourists can stay in forest huts when they visit Gorumara. The state tourism office conducts exciting tours to the national park throughout the year.

A Day with the Royal Bengal Tiger

The beautiful Sunderbans provide a glimpse of the densely-scattered forest in the southern part of West Bengal. But the most important reason to visit this world famous site is the ferocious Royal Bengal Tiger. It is one of the largest tiger reserves in India. It is amazing to see these big cats swimming in the hilly areas and the Sunderbans.

Capture the Wild of the ‘Seven Sisters’

Tourists also travel to the northeastern part of the country to experience one of the world’s greatest biodiversity hotspots. For the adventurer, Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Maenam National Park and others are the best tourist destinations. As you climb the Himalayan range, you will find a monastery in the midst of a divine landscape. Walks are led by National Parks officials in this area. It is recommended to follow the advice of the tourists before you start packing your luggage for the jungle tours. One can visit this part of the world anytime between spring and autumn.

The ‘One Horned Rhino’ Experience

Kaziranga National Park should be on the top of the list of travel to Assam. Apart from the one-horned rhino and the wild buffalo, you will see more than six species of turtles. Fish of various species can be found in the water bodies in the park. One can stay in one of the traditional houses around Kaziranga. Animal care deserves the respect of tourists. The ‘Elephant Safaris’ conducted by the Park in the morning are truly amazing.

The Cave of the Lion King

A sighting of the Asiatic Lion can be found in the Gir forest in the state of Gujarat. With more than 300 species of plants and home to forest cats, Wild Boars hyenas, jackals, chital, Nilgai and other species of birds, this beautiful wildlife sanctuary has become a popular attraction for many years. Learn about some interesting trivia about the national park’s Lion breeding program. This is an interesting addition to your trip to Gir. If you are a bird watcher, then keep an eye out for the white pelican, the white king, the great cuckoo shrike, the crested snake eagle and more in this unique tour for bird lovers.

A Separate Story

So if you are planning to see the various wildlife of India, then get in touch with the tour operators, do some research of the places online and equip yourself with the latest DSLR to capture the wild moments of your adventure!

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