Guinea Pig Names – Creative Ideas For Naming Your New Pet

Guinea pig name is a form of endearment you give your pet. Sometimes it’s a challenge. Here’s a list of easy and creative ways to do it.

Get Inspiration From Your Pet

One common way to name a new pet is often inspired by your own pet. It could be the way he looks or it could be his personality that gives him an idea. Do they have a certain behavior that begets the title? Here are some examples that your pet can inspire. Bright eyes, snaggle teeth, bumpy face, stumpy, bubble, nosy, mustache.

Name Your Pet After People

Famous people can be a source for possible names. Think of historical figures, politicians, musicians or actors. Here are some possibilities to give a start. Lincoln, Einstein, Elvis, Cleopatra, Attila, Fatty Arbuckle, Bogie.

Name Your Pet After a Special Place

Sometimes a suitable name can come from a place like a city or country. Consider suggestions like these. Utah, Texas, Tennessee, Miami, Boston or LA. If appropriate, use it. Using a place to name beets the style or vogue you think your pet represents.

Name Your Pet After A Fictional Character

Fictional or real characters sometimes work well. It may be inspired by a behavior or likeness that you have in mind. Try a cartoon character, a character from a novel or a movie character. Here are some ideas. Dirty Harry, Snoopy, Hercules, Barney Fife, Dora, Bogart, Sylvester, Mr. Tibbs, Felix, 007, Sherlock, Yogi or Boo Boo.

Name Your Pet After The Characteristics It Describes

Here’s a little twist on using your personality for inspiration. Use the characteristics you have and match them with people or places you know have similar characteristics. Give it a little look and see what you come up with. Try to observe them for a while when their personality starts to show and go from there. You see them as; difficult to try Houdini, curious try Curious George, strong try Hercules or Samson, investigative try Sherlock, energetic try Speedy Gonzales or Mario Andretti, lucky try Lucky. Just use your imagination. Many good ideas will come to mind.

Do You Have Two Guinea Pigs?

You can have fun with this one. Consider some famous partner names or names that go together. Try this, Salt & Pepper, Abbott & Costello, Thunder & Lightening, Adam & Eve, Amos & Andy, Barnum & Baily, Cheech & Chong, Ham & Eggs, Jeklyll & Hyde, Kermit & Miss Piggy, Donny & Marie, Sonny & Cher. There are many more in this category that I am sure you can find if you try.

The name you choose for your pet can be cute or clever. It’s the way we endear people to us. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right name for your new guinea pig. Don’t worry, it will be easier than you think if you try these suggestions.

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