Help your pet heal faster with Emu Oil

Are you planning on having your pet spayed or neutered in the future? Even though cats and dogs have amazing healing powers when they have a cut, don’t you want to help your fur child out of this cut as soon as possible? Emu Oil is your answer!

Emu oil is obtained from the Australian bird, the Emu, a relative of the Ostrich. The healing properties of Emu Oil have been known to Australian Aborigines for centuries. This miracle of natural oil is beginning to be discovered in the Western world and taken by storm. Emu oil natural antibiotic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory, it will be a healing agent. A small drop of two on the cut 2-3 times a day will not only heal the cut faster but will also make your dog or cat comfortable as Emu Oil is a natural pain reliever.

Infections are always accompanied by surgery, and since Emu Oil is an antibiotic, it will help your pet not develop an infection. Most veterinarians now provide a head cone for your pet to prevent them from licking the wound until it heals. Most dogs and cats hate the head cone, so you will not only help them recover quickly from surgery, but their health will be positively affected. Another alternative to using Emu Oil is if you take the head cone off your pet, and they lick the pain, Emu Oil is safe to eat. A lot of animals LOVE it, so make sure the bottle is so your pet can’t get to it. Emu Oil is safe, non-greasy.

Emu oil takes very little to work its magic. Emu oil has natural Vitamin E in it, another ingredient known to aid in healing. Vitamin E is another natural preservative that gives Emu oil its longevity. Emu Oil will not interfere with any medications your pet may be taking.

All pet owners want their pets to be safe, healthy and happy. Spaying or neutering is one of the ways to achieve all three. Speed ​​up the healing process with your pet with Emu Oil. Personally, I have my own dog, a long coat Chihuahua named Taffy. I had no interest in giving birth to her and at only 3 pounds, Taffy was too small to give birth. Also, his health is important and spaying him will help as well. I have been using Emu oil on his spay incision since the evening I brought him home. Not only did he heal faster than his Vet expected, he didn’t even need the pain medication he was given. He recovered quickly, and I had no problems with infections or other postoperative complications.

Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed and neither will your furry child! By the way, Emu Oil is safe for humans too!

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