How MBA has evolved into PGDM and other management courses

We all understand how to make the right choice when deciding which course to take at master’s or postgraduate level. India is a growing country with lots of startups and companies popping up every now and then. With a thriving career market ahead, students are looking for different options and want to go with the ones that can benefit them in business.

A few years ago, the only masters or graduate degrees we saw were MBA, MSC and M.COM with short diplomas. People these days, no matter what stream they find whether it is business or commerce, they are ready to do their masters in business because it is the field of growth and a platform that provides value to learn and grow as a person.

Masters of Business Administration

MBA is a two-year course that covers all management topics in the first year and gives you the opportunity to specialize in an area in the second year. In India, the main subjects offered during the specialization are Finance, Marketing and Human Resource. At the end of the second year, students are expected to complete a program focusing on various aspects of their specialization. One disadvantage that exists in the MBA course design is that the college or university where students seek the course is related to that state university. For example, if you are pursuing your MBA in Chennai, the course will be affiliated with the state university (Tamilnadu). No single regulatory body or common ground is allowed on how the course is designed and constructed. Every university has its own way of studying, conducting exams and solving papers. So this leads to differences when it comes to the final results, while some universities are really friendly and honest, others have strict and difficult rules.

In order to make Indian education more accessible to all students pursuing them, the national level advisory, All India Council for Technical Education which comes under higher education has come with a similar course in management like MBA called. as “Post Graduation Diploma in Management”. Students often get confused between MBA and PGDM thinking that PGDM is different from MBA considering it as a diploma course.

Find out about Post Graduation Diploma in Management

Just to inform you all, PGDM has higher standards as per its affiliation by the national level council which classifies the course. The course design and syllabus is designed and approved by AICTE. Along with this common procedure, all the colleges must follow their guidelines in terms of teaching methods, exam patterns and paper editing.

Our Government of India has started this process with the IIM (Indian Institute of Management) which has campuses spread in different cities of India. Here students are taught and imparted various aspects related to management. This course will help you become an entrepreneur and learn everything from scratch. It involves human development and training with important subjects and programs. Universities also take you on various business trips to show you how things work outside of a company or firm. The national council has tried to bring a new revolution in PGDM by integrating various disciplines in recent times.

  • Politics and governance
  • International Business
  • Global marketing
  • Information technology
  • Business management
  • Work management
  • Banking and Finance

So if you have completed your bachelors studies and planning to pursue your masters, then we suggest you also think about PGDM. To get admission in any of the PGDM courses at IIM or any other business school, you need to score well in the national entrance test like CAT, GMAT or GRE. High standards are set from the entry point to inspire you. In this way, the education system in India has improved, leading to PGDM courses.

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