How to clean and care for your birds

For some people it’s fish tanks and aquariums and for others it’s dog kennels and cat cages but for a few people it’s birds of prey. It doesn’t matter what the rest of the public thinks about trying to raise birds these days with all the diseases associated with birds – even the screams and sounds of birds like with balm to their weary souls.

Whether you raise birds as a hobby or as a source of income, it is important to maintain and maintain a healthy environment for them to live in, not only for their happiness and safety but to ensure their happiness. and security. as well. It is not enough to feed your birds regularly, it is also important that you keep your birds disease free.

Cleaning your aviaries can be difficult, difficult and time consuming but it has to be done. In order to minimize this work, you need to maintain a regular cleaning schedule, dividing the process into small tasks that can be completed daily, weekly or monthly.

For weekly cleaning, you can arrange to wash the floors, wash the wall, clean and change the perches and clean and change the toys to prevent disease. bacteria. Also, some parts of the yard like perches and bird toys take time to really clean, so it’s a good idea to have the perches and toys that your birds have somewhere to relax and play together. bored

For monthly cleaning, you can schedule a house cleaning. Make sure you use a good brush to scrub the cracks and help break up and remove the adhesive. When doing a regular cleaning, always remember to wash and dry everything because moisture is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria.

For daily routines, you can start by lining the bottom of your aviaries with old newspapers or lines designed for bird cages. You can use the trash if you want and if you do, make sure you pick up every day and change the trash once a week. If you use paper liners, you should change them once a day because birds are not clean enough to walk on their droppings and food scraps, not to mention smell them. the aviary.

Then, clean your bird’s food and water bowls daily with a mild detergent. This prevents bacteria that can affect the health of your animals from growth and reproduction. A mild detergent and warm water is recommended as this will thoroughly clean your bird’s food and water bowls.

Wash the surface of the house with a mixture of 2 tbs. vinegar and 1 qt. water for thorough cleaning. Pour the mixture into a jar to refrigerate for a week. Use a soft, damp cloth to avoid scratching the surface and to clean stubborn dirt such as dry droplets that can be removed.

If you have to clean with household bleach, make sure you move your birds to a place where they can’t just soak in the steam because this is deadly to birds. All of these tips, when done honestly and in the right way, will ensure the longevity of your birds. It only takes a few minutes of your time but can save you a lot of stress and keep your birds happy and safe.

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