Introduction to Pigeon Racing

Pigeons are the first birds to be tamed and kept as pets. The early Egyptians kept them, perhaps even used them in races. In modern society they were originally used as popular carrier pigeons, used in warfare to transfer data and orders across enemy lines. As the military developed new and more sophisticated methods of data transfer they carried pigeons across the prairies. Pigeon racing was an organized event in the 19th century and enthusiasts began to appear all over the world. Today, anyone can join organized pigeon races across the country and even the world to compete for big cash prizes. Who knew that a little bird could bring someone so much money!

Trainers, hobbyists, work with a large number of pigeons and train them according to standard practices and select “secret” methods developed through learned techniques or passed down from previous generations. Many fans hold their trade secrets like CIA documents.

Most fanciers will start training pigeons when they are very young, usually around 23 days. The young pigeons will be allowed to roam around in a controlled environment and are constantly exploring the environment to find their way back to their loft (home). After a while, they will fly away, sometimes for two hours, and then return to their chambers. Fans will start taking them to different locations and releasing them to see how fast they can get back home. This is the basic foundation of pigeon racing. The pigeon that returns to its loft the fastest is the winner!

If you’ve ever been fascinated by birds, pigeons probably weren’t on your pet radar, but not only can they make great pets, they can also be a nice source of income. High quality bloodlines can fetch a great price in the market, and if you win a race you will pay back your investment many times over. Pigeon racing is a great family hobby to get involved with. Children love pets and helping to train these birds for competition can lead to a new opportunity to bond with a family.

We’ve only touched on the basics of Pigeon Racing here, but you can get a lot more great information including advanced training tips, cool videos, and a guide to getting your Pigeon Racing business off the ground.

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