Learning German Shepherd Training

Some German Shepherds are friendly family pets and companions, while others have jobs with the police. Over the years this breed of dog remained among the most popular. He is known for being intelligent, loyal and determined. What most people don’t realize is that these shepherds are also quite active and assertive. Knowing this makes it clear the importance of German shepherd training in keeping your dog happy and adapting nicely to his new home. There are a few things to consider when training someone.

More important than any individual training technique is your overall commitment to the process. This means consistency and a good amount of time are needed when teaching your dog. While German Shepherds are very intelligent, they can sometimes have short attention spans and can be forgetful just like any dog. Frequent reinforcement of commands is vital.

Negative reinforcement is not a good part of teaching any dog. Hitting or spanking a dog will eventually have a weak effect on its personality. You don’t want the shepherds to look away when you look into their eyes. A change in your voice will clearly show the dog if his behavior is bad.

Perhaps the most endearing characteristic of the German Shepherd is its desire to bond with the people in its family. The best way to encourage this trait is to consistently reward good behavior. This means that when your dog does things right, he or she should be spoken to in a warm voice and affectionately tamed. Treats are also good.

One aspect of these shepherds’ intelligence that can be frustrating is their curiosity, which can lead to distraction. Do not be discouraged by this. Remember that he will have bad moments from time to time and stay positive.

Dogs of this breed tend to try to take on the alpha dog role. It is very important that you let them know who the boss is early on. This certainly does not require any ill-treatment, but rather maintaining a temperament that makes it clear that you are indeed the alpha dog.

One last thing you should do is familiarize your dog with people and other dogs. This isn’t necessarily part of German shepherd training, but it will help raise a socially well-adjusted and happy pet. This will provide an easier teaching process.

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