Pet Animals – Dogs or Cats?

Most of us love having pets at home, especially children who get excited about the idea of ​​having a pet at home. There are quite common pets that are seen in most homes and they are dogs, cats, rabbits etc. Dogs are preferred because they protect their master and house, and will never allow anyone to misbehave with their master. But if people are interested in having friends, they prefer cats because they prove to be very good friends. There are some differences in the temperament and habits of dogs and cats, so what you are looking for in a pet becomes quite personal.

The first difference that can be seen in dogs and cats is that dogs are social animals and like to live in groups. They like to follow the leader of the group and are called the happiest of all in this type of environment. Cats are totally different in nature and like to roam alone and never like to follow anyone. Dogs can stay wherever they go and eventually become happy, but cats will not feel happy if they leave the environment, even if they are best friends with them.

The feeding habits of dogs and cats are different and dogs are easy to manage in many respects compared to cats. When it comes to food, dogs will eat almost anything and can go days without meat. Although dogs need a good amount of meat protein to maintain their health, they can sometimes manage without meat. But cats need a fixed amount of meat protein every day and cannot maintain good health without it. Dogs can also go without food for a few days using their body fat reserves, but even if a cat is overweight, it cannot use its fat reserves and needs to be fed every day. Without proper nutrition, their health deteriorates.

Dogs are very obedient and will follow your instructions in any situation and when they roll over it shows their submissive nature. But when the cat rolls over it shows a sign of confidence, because cats never give up. Dogs like to roll in dirty things like normal canine behavior seen in stray dogs. Cats, on the other hand, have the nature of digging the ground and then burying the waste in it, so that no one can make a trace of it. Both of them have their special nature for the reason of survival, which is the most important point of all species in the world.

Considering all the points of difference between a cat and a dog, now it is up to you what you decide. Some people like cats for their temperament and habits and others prefer dogs for their obedience and care.

But probably the thing that attracts people to dogs as pets, most of all, is that dogs are loyal, after all, they are often referred to as “man’s best friend”. Regardless of these things, it’s basically a personal choice and both dogs and cats are kept as pets in homes.

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