Pet Birds and Asthma Attacks – 5 Ways to Avoid Asthma Attacks in Spite of Your Pet Bird

If you own a bird, you probably didn’t develop sensitivities to feathers, dander, and dust that could aggravate your asthma. But now that you’ve fully bonded with your bird, and letting go isn’t an option, here are 5 ways to keep your asthma under control and keep your bird happy.
1. Get a spouse or friend to help with the cleaning– If you find that you have an asthma attack when doing the necessary cleaning that comes with having a bird; ask your spouse or a friend to help you. This would make a great part-time job for a diligent high school or college student.
2. Wear a mask-If you find you need to clean, wear a mask to reduce the amount of particles you are exposed to. Frequent cleaning will reduce the amount of particles that need to be cleaned. Using a damp cloth and mop instead of sweeping or dusting will keep the air cleaner while you work.
3. Use a HEPA vacuum– When particles fall from the air onto furniture, floors and other surfaces, a highly effective particle stopping vacuum can lift and capture the particles from the ground, preventing them from returning to the air. This is healthier for you and your birds.
4. Bathe your bird-How much your bird will enjoy the bath depends on the type of bird you have, but all birds should be given the opportunity to bathe. Some prefer a clean water bowl in the cage, while others would be adventurous enough to share a shower with you if a bird shower perch were installed. Regular bathing keeps feathers and skin in good condition and significantly reduces shedding. Consult your avian veterinarian to find out the best frequency for our particular bird and before deciding to use anything other than water for bathing. Taking a shower together is another opportunity for you and your bird to bond, and it will help you both feel better.
5. Filter the air constantly-Removing fine particles of dander, dust and feathers from the air is a proactive way to prevent them from clogging the bird’s airways and causing infection and before they enter the lungs and cause an asthma attack. clean bird room and healthy house. Using a purifier with HEPA technology will ensure that you are removing as many pollutants as possible from the air.

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