Positive Training Dog – Training Techniques That Really Work!

Does your dog embarrass you? Is he begging at the table? Does he pee on the floor? Does your dog pounce on your visitors and growl at children? Is he digging your flower beds or pulling his leash?

Do you sometimes wish you never had a dog?

My friend Chet, who is an excellent professional dog trainer, says that solving these problems starts with training your dog to learn how to solve problems. This will greatly improve the ability to learn new behaviors and will eventually begin to follow your commands. This is positive training to which dogs respond quickly.

For example, let’s look at two 8-week-old puppies who haven’t been potty trained, and we’ll show you how this works.

Let’s take a puppy and train it the crumbly, traditional way. We’ll try to catch him at work every time he goes to the bathroom, and then we’ll smash his face with his own urine and/or feces, “Bad dog! Bad dog!” and then throw it out.

Conventional wisdom says that the dog quickly realizes that the shit in front of you is beating him, and if he’s smart, he wants to get out somewhere where he won’t be beaten.

Maybe. May be not. It is definitely not a positive training technique for your dog.

You’re much more likely to teach your dog to hide from you so that he doesn’t get beaten up when he goes to the bathroom. A client of Chet’s called him and asked why his dog always peed on the back of the sofa, even though he swore he had never hit him.

Chet doesn’t believe him.

The situation changes when we use positive dog training techniques. Watch what happens when we teach the puppy to solve problems.

First, we won’t start with toilet training. Instead we will install a temporary dog ​​fence and keep the puppy in this area. If he has an accident in this space, it will not upset us.

Second, we choose a training exercise to teach the puppy problem-solving skills so the dog will grasp it MUCH quicker once we start toilet training. Again, we create a positive dog training atmosphere.

Chet starts off by teaching his puppy the “go to the mattress” game. Every time the pup gets close to his mat, he leaves little treats on the floor. The puppy soon realizes that it was lying on his mat that brought him his reward. The only clue Chet gives the animal is the treat he dropped it on the ground. You should see this — Incredible!

The puppy masters “going to the mop” in a matter of minutes. According to Chet, once you teach your dog the VALUABLE skill of how to solve problems, the puppy will begin to use this type of thinking in everything he does.

It’s not hard to see how this skill will enable the dog to get potty training and more advanced behaviors much faster. All of this is part of positive training for dogs that your pet will pick up quickly.

Wouldn’t you like to train your dog to change all his bad behavior? Imagine a quiet home where your pet is calm and follows your instructions. Imagine ringing the bell when he had to go out and only peeing where you told him to go. Imagine brisk walks with your pet – no tugging or jumping; No barking at other dogs or other people!

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