Purely Organic Lawn Care For Lawns That Are Safe For Kids and Pets

Pure organic lawn care is not only safer for your family and pets, but also better for the earth. Organic lawn care means not using harsh chemical fertilizers and pesticides on your lawn. People are beginning to understand the dangers of using chemicals on their gardens and lawns. They are not only dangerous for small children and pets; they are also dangerous for the birds and wild animals that pass through it.

Chemical pesticides and herbicides (weed killers) can contaminate your drinking water. Many people are finding it necessary to add a water filtration system to their homes to remove chemicals sprayed on lawns and gardens. Purely organic lawn care products do not pose this risk. Using organic products such as Soil Booster Seaweed Fertilizer or Quick Greening Blend can reduce chemical pollutants entering the groundwater.

Soil Booster Blend is an organic fertilizer that nourishes your lawn, energizes your soil, and boosts nitrogen and phosphorus. By using a pure organic product like this, you strengthen your lawn from the inside out by creating an open and welcoming environment, allowing nutrients, oxygen and water to reach the grass roots and absorb the nutrients they need.

It also breaks down clippings and other compost materials faster. By working with the natural makeup of your soil and your plants, you create a synergy that energizes your lawn.

Many people consider bees a pest. However, the news of the death of millions of bees is of great concern to gardeners and farmers. Bees are one of nature’s pollinators and without them flowers and vegetables as well as some fruit trees would not produce the fruits and vegetables we live on. Not to mention that there is no synthetic way to create honey.

The next time you’re shopping for lawn care essentials, look for the organic options available to you. They work better than chemical alternatives and won’t harm your family. In most cases purely organic lawn care products do not cost more than chemical ones. Many people are now realizing the damage we have done to our earth; switching to organic products can help repair some of the damage.

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