Review of the Movie PERFUME

Review of the film PERFUME, Story of a Murderer.

Last night I watched the movie Perfume, Story of a Murderer, on someone’s recommendation. Essential oils and distilling the subject and scene really excited me and I think if it’s about you, you will also be interested.

I had to pass the first 15 minutes but then I was very interested.

It begins as the life of an unwanted mute orphan with a strange talent for smell. The smell of everything fascinated him. They can smell through things, like maggots on their way to kill, and smell metal and stone. They can sense things in the pool and what people are doing in their environment.

He wanted to capture the smell of the girl who haunted the lost man. When the girl died, he lost his sense of smell and became desperate to pick it up. The story continues. He suffered a small illness and lived when he should have died, in order to accomplish this.

He works at a perfume factory that is desperately trying to find the secret ingredient in its competitor’s perfume. This kid came and made a whole perfume, without knowing the name of the essential oil. He wants to work, in exchange for knowing how to extract the essence of “anything”. This talent impressed perfume makers who were rejected by greed. He promised to show them how.

The kid not only makes rival perfumes precisely, but also makes them better. Perfume sold and became a success in 17th century Paris. A boy with a nose, also makes it the best perfume and the biggest success among female customers.

The perfumer, in exchange, began to teach distillation.

His teacher also taught him how to use the ancient ALEMBIC, which is the name for a vintage distiller. He showed the process of turning 10,000 rose buds into one ounce of oil. They go through every step of essential oil distillation. All the stories of distillation from the fields of lavender flowers, to the drops that come out of the alembic.

Perfumers teach the art of perfume making. Teach them first impressions, second impressions and traces are important. It also tells the story of a perfume found in an Egyptian tomb, which when opened, made the whole world feel love, for a moment. This is what the boy did in the end.

The boy tried, throwing everything into this giant alembic only to find that it didn’t take the essence out of everything. Things like horseshoes, cats, metal, come out with hydrosol and smelling oil are not there. He felt cheated.

He was sick and wanted to die, until the perfumer told him that there was another way to extract the smell, but he had to go to Grasse, a small town, to learn. This is called the art of Enfleurage.

Enfleurage is the process of taking refined animal fat, and soaking the flower in it until the flower dies. Then you scrape off the fat and filter it in a distiller’s glass over the fire and get the oil that way.

He got a job where he learned how to do it. This whole process is shown step by step. This is interesting for history buffs.

On occasion, he tries to distill a dead flower-picker girl; he killed, and then placed the body in a blind glass distiller after the sleeping boss. This is fun because he tries to hide this from the nosy girl.

This didn’t work, his experiment failed. So he tried to kill a beautiful girl, shave her head, and wrap her body in animal fat and bandages, then wait and cut off the fat and distill it. He put oil on his hand, and the girl’s dog, running up to him, licked his hand and turned it into a nut. He succeeded. Also whoever smells this oil on him becomes a little better and enchanted with him.

Yes it is so morbid and dark. He began to kill beautiful young women to distill the scent from her body. He became obsessed with the beauty and creation of Egyptian perfumes that he heard about.

See what happened after he created the world’s best perfume. The town is in chaos because of all the girls that were killed. But they make the best perfume in the world. One that brings euphoria and makes everyone think he is an angel. Even his executioner knelt down and claimed this boy was innocent. Everyone at his execution was full of love and everyone had a sex party. Even the bishop will be taken.

This film raises an interesting question. I don’t agree with killing humans, but you can say killing flowers is the same, if you want to joke. So, do you capture the soul of the flower when you distill it? In the same way he captures the essence of true beauty?

Also, what they do is probably capture pheromones, through Enfleurage and distillation, which I think they only do with animals, not beautiful human girls. It’s an interesting experiment, but does it really work? Can you filter human odor? Can you distill human beauty?

This movie is really dark, about a serial killer, come on. It’s none of my business. But if you want to distill essential oils, this movie is for you. Yes, you can distill the essence of anything, pretty much. I’ve read some crazy ancient distilling recipes but nothing as amazing as this movie!

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