Supplements for Dogs and Cats – What Your Pets Would Really Want If They Could Tell You

Supplements for dogs and cats allow all types of pet owners to do the best for their furry friends. In addition to providing endless love, food and safe shelter, there are many other things you can do for your dog and cat to keep them happy and healthy. Nutritional supplements for dogs and cats can improve their health, extend their lifespan and support general vitality.

If you don’t currently use nutritional supplements for dogs and cats in your life, you may be wondering why you need…

Extra nutrients: Even the most advanced pet food cannot give your pet all the nutrients it needs.

Advanced nutrition: Additionally, many nutritional supplements lose their effectiveness in pet food form. Giving your pet advanced nutrition in the form of supplements will restore the body from the inside out.

Find nutritional supplements for dogs and pets that contain ingredients that help promote longevity and health.

– DMAE should be found in nutritional supplements for dogs and cats. DMAE improves mood, improves memory and increases physical energy – all important for animal health.

– L-Carnitine is another key ingredient that helps cells in all animals metabolize fat better for faster energy. It has also been clinically proven to prolong life.

If you’re not sure if nutritional supplements are right for your pet, take a look at this amazing story… Luna was a tiny cat who weighed 1.7 pounds when she was first delivered to her foster owner. He was too small to be placed in a regular adoption. His foster owner is trying to help him gain weight and improve his health, but the little creature is still struggling. He gained some weight slowly but then developed a swollen belly. The vet couldn’t explain it and assumed that little Luna had some sort of congenital defect. Her adoptive owner decided to keep her because she was too sick to be adopted.

Another consultation with the vet revealed that Luna has an extra vein in her liver and a large vein in her heart that is causing her developmental issues. Liver enzymes 7X more than they should be, kidney failure, frequent vomiting and unable to eat normal food. The vet told the owner that Luna didn’t have long to live.

Her owner knew she had nutritional supplements at home that could help. He decided to give it a try. He gave Luna a powerful nutritional supplement with metabolic compounds twice a week, and in no time Luna was eating normal cat food and the vomiting had stopped. A follow-up appointment showed that her liver enzymes had dropped by almost half, and her kidney function had returned to normal.

If this story inspires you, just imagine what quality pet supplements can do for your furry family members. Choosing the right supplement is key. Look for these ingredients in any supplement you choose to ensure that it will provide your pet with real benefits.

Supplements for dogs and cats are not luxurious. This is an important part of keeping your pet healthy and active for many years.

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