Surface Protection Products Can Prevent Expensive Pet Damage to Your Home and Furnishings

A cute little cat or puppy can be a source of comfort and joy to homeowners and renters everywhere. Unfortunately, these cute animals can also be a source of great damage to the interior and furniture of your home. From stains on carpets to scratches on furniture, the list of damages caused by pets can be long. Fortunately there are simple and effective temporary surface protection products to prevent this costly damage.

Carpet stains are the most common type of pet damage. This damage occurs before the animal breaks the house or with pets that are not continuous. While there are products on the market to mask the smell of these areas, they do nothing to protect the carpet from additional damage. Carpet film or carpet “masks” used regularly during construction work well to cover the carpet so that urine or feces cannot soak through the carpet and pads. Since the film can stay on the carpet for up to 45 days, it gives the owner time to train the pet or change the film as needed every month. Carpet film can be found at local contractor supply stores as well as larger home centers across the country.

Scratches on doors are one of the most costly damages that pet owners incur. Whether made of wood, fiberglass or metal, doors can be temporarily protected by using DoorGuard™ door guards. DoorGuard ™ easily attaches to doors with giant rubber bands and provides a ¼” strong cardboard layer that pets can’t penetrate with their claws. DoorGuard ™ can stay in place indefinitely giving pet owners time to install pet doors or anything else. prevent future scratches. DoorGuard™ is only available online. To prevent door frame scratches, there are several products on the market including Jamb Saver™, a temporary plastic frame protector, or Jamb Pro, a compressed cardboard version that works in the same way. Protectors Jamb is available in select contractor or shop surface protection through online purchase.

Perhaps one of the most common complaints from pet owners is scratching wood or upholstered furniture. Millwork Protection or Protecta-foam™ is a safe and reliable product designed to protect wood and other surfaces from damage. This adhesive foam easily wraps around wooden chair legs or table legs to protect them from pet claws. In test studies, surfaces protected by adhesive foam were completely avoided by both kittens and puppies. It is not clear whether it is the special smell of the foam that pets avoid or whether it is just that the foam does not provide tactile satisfaction. Protecta-foam is available through online purchase or from selected contractor retail stores.

Adhesive mats or “sticky mats” used during construction can also be a great way for pet owners to control the effects of hair shedding on floors. This adhesive mat is designed with a plastic sheet that collects hair or dirt. When the plastic sheet is covered in hair or dirt, the pet owner simply peels it off and discards it to reveal a clean adhesive sheet. Mats are packed in either 30 sheets or 60 sheets Packs and each sheet can last up to 7 days. Adhesive mats are available from pet stores, surface protection stores or contractor specialty store locations.

In summary, new pet owners can use many of the same products that builders and contractors use during construction and remodeling to prevent costly surface damage. Surface protection products give new pet owners time to train their pets and effectively protect them from the normal damage caused by new pets.

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