The Responsibilities That Come With Having Hedgehogs As Pets

If you already know how a hedgehog looks, you will agree that its unique cuteness can only make you want to own it. Having a hedgehog as a pet can be a great experience. They are wonderful and delightful creatures. They are best adopted when they are around 6-8 weeks old and have been weaned. When choosing, look for bright clear eyes, a round body that shows great energy and alertness.

Hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures, meaning they wake up at night. They spend the day sleeping. If handled correctly and when the quills are not raised, they are very cuddly and friendly. Quills are a defense mechanism that goes up when they feel threatened. But he is known to have a good temperament. Most pet hedgehogs live in cages or aquariums, but under supervision, you can sometimes free them and run around the house after litter training. Litter training your hedgehog is really easy.

If you are going to wear one, you should be prepared for the responsibility that comes with taking care of it. It should be noted that if you are allergic to cats, then hedgehogs may not be for you. Caring for a typical small animal takes time and effort. You have to clean your pet’s cage, feed it, and spend bonding time. You have to meet the needs on a regular basis such as food, cage, litter box and so on. It’s basically the same as having hedgehogs as pets. They love human affection. He is also a very good swimmer. Give them a shallow pool and they will enjoy swimming in it. They go bananas over hiding their heads, playtime they are very happy. You can give a tube of toilet paper for this. Sports wheels are also fun so put one in the cage for your pet to enjoy.

To help him not get bored with the food he is given, treat the hedgehog with his favorite banana, like twice a week. You can also serve bugs like most, insectivores. They eat snails and worms and insects found in the garden. However, don’t just let it loose in your garden if you use insecticides on your plants. Plant insecticides can be very dangerous. It is better to be careful by buying feed from a pet store that is made specifically for hedgehogs. These cute balls are susceptible to parasites. Milk and other dairy products should not be part of the diet because they cannot tolerate it.

For those who want to have hedgehogs as pets, they should know that to help the animal enjoy playing, extra space in the cage should be provided. Put a division inside the room for sleeping time or nesting needs and some areas for activity time. If you want to keep more than one hedgehog, make sure you provide separate spaces. They like their own space because they are territorial. Additional members in the marked area can cause fights that can cause injury. You should get one as young as possible, and then slowly introduce new friends in a stress-free way.

Being a quiet animal, this creature is an ideal pet for apartment dwellers. Since they are small, you need to provide only a cage that is spacious because they move around a lot. They make snuffling noises when they breathe and grunts or chirps occasionally when scared or upset. In addition, they are quiet and peaceful. If you are the quiet type and like animals, then having a hedgehog or two as pets might be perfect for you.

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