The worst enemy of Ragdoll cats

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is the leading cause of heart failure and death in ragdoll cats. This disease is characterized by thickening of the left ventricle (the main heart muscle). This muscular thickening leads to a decrease in the diameter of the chamber, which means less blood in the heart and therefore your cat will have difficulty breathing, eat less, become tired and weak. , weight loss, abdominal pain, vomiting. more often, or lose the ability to use his hind legs.

Cardiomyopathy is life-threatening for any cat but for ragdolls as usual, they are lazy creatures, making it more difficult to detect early symptoms. If a specific cause is identified and can be resolved, many (sometimes all) changes can be reversed. This only happens in rare cases, ragdoll HCM is thought to have an unknown cause (idiopathic HCM). Even in these cases a good treatment can reduce the symptoms for a long time.

Recently, a genetic cause has been identified for this idiopathic form of HCM – MYBPC3 gene (cardiac myosin binding protein C gene), which is the reason why humans of HCM are mutated. Each gene in the body’s genetic material comes in two copies; these copies can be the same (homozygous) or different (heterozygous). Ragdoll cats that have one copy of the defective MYBPC3 gene are less likely to be affected than those that have two mutant copies. Some medical services offer genetic testing for this condition, which is important for genetics as the frequency of these mutations is around 30%. Very important – if your cat has the gene, remember that half of her offspring will also have it; You should not use these cats in breeding programs unless you have to.

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