Weimaraner – A leader in the breed

The Weimaraner breed was developed for hunting although the exact origin is unknown. A dog of the Weimaraner type appeared in a Van Dyke painting in the early 1600s. mastiffs and various types of schweisshund. The Weimaraner takes its name from the Grand Duke of Weimar, Charles August and was used by the nobility to hunt large game, wolves, wild dogs, deer, bears and mountain lions. As hunting of large game declined, this method was used to hunt smaller animals such as chickens, rabbits and foxes. The breed of this dog was kept a secret in Germany for many years and was not introduced to America until 1929. It was in 1943 that the American kennel society gave the information officially the flower.

These dogs have short curly coats and amber or blue eyes. They are the tallest member of the gun dog group and are beautiful, dignified and athletic in nature. The tail is attached to about 15cm. They are generous and have speed, strength and endurance that give them a great status. The flower can work in the field whether it is from hunting or exhibition. There is a long-haired variety of the smallest species, which also has a silky coat but a hairless tail.

Weimaraners are playful and trainable and excel in dog sports such as agility and obedience and field trials. They are fast and strong but make excellent family dogs given proper training and exercise. They love family life and are friendly, intelligent and quick-witted. The family is very protective of their family and can be territorial so they make excellent guard dogs. They need to be trained with patience and trust from an early age so that they learn to get along with people and other animals. Weimaraners may be a little too small for families with small children. Exercise and supervision are important to prevent the dog from overindulging and engaging in misbehavior. It should be remembered that dogs are hunting dogs and although they usually accept cats they can chase and kill other small animals that enter the garden.

Those who are familiar with the flower will know that they have two common ailments, the first is separation anxiety. This disease involves a fearful attempt to reunite with the owner of water, excessive drooling, violent behavior and associated injuries such as broken teeth. The second disease is unacceptable; This can be avoided with early childhood socialization but it is a form of anger in the bud.

They are affected by common canine health problems such as bloat and hip dysplasia but not infrequently, the other problems they are prone to is spinal dysraphism which is a serious but not fatal disease. it’s about the dog’s gait and posture that causes it to bend, and ear infections that are easy to get because of the shape of the ears. The average lifespan of a Weimaraner is 12 to 13 years.

Some famous owners of Weimaraners include former US President Dwight D Eisenhower, film producer Brad Pitt and NYPD Blue star Esai Morales.

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