What You Need to Know About Pets and Feng Shui

Every place needs active energy and love. Pets give us both. And pets allow us to express our love as well. Pets are often considered members of the family, and as such, should be considered when you check the feng shui of your home.

Regardless of the type of pet, there are some simple feng shui guidelines for having pets that range from common sense advice on care and feeding, to things you may not consider, such as how pets impact relationships, finances, or health.


This is the most important thing to remember. Their energy and enthusiasm means we have an active home even when they’re not there, making our home even more “that”. Dogs, for example, also provide protective energy to our homes that help us feel more secure and safe.

When the dog barks and wagu tail is happy, they give us a lot of exuberant joy. And petting and caring for any animal gives us and them great feng shui energy – and the display of love is always good feng shui. This is the best case. But when pets are not good feng shui? There are several instances when the feng shui of your home is disturbed by pets.

Good FENG SHUI means properly cared for animals

The worst case scenario is when the animal is not cared for properly. If your fish tank isn’t clean and clear, your fish won’t do well – and neither will you. Fish represents success in feng shui and wealth, and if the water is dirty, both can avoid you.

Furthermore, in feng shui, dirty water can also cause health problems. One of the worst situations I’ve ever seen is a fish tank so dirty you can’t even see the fish at all. The couple who lived in this house broke up and divorced after a short time. I can feel nothing but sorrow for the poor, needy creature.

What must the other visitors think – and what does this nasty tank do to everyone in the house? Or, what is the message to the child who sees the parents who do not care about this fish so much that they cannot give them clean water?

So, while it is good to have a pet, the first priority should always be the health, safety, and care of the pet. If you don’t have the right space or time to care for the animal, then it’s better not to have it because, quite simply, having an animal in a poor condition is very bad feng shui.


If animals live in the house, it is important to ensure that the proper hierarchy is observed. I can’t tell you how many pet horror stories I’ve seen that range from romantic difficulties to health problems because pets dominate people. Remember, you are the master of your domain, and should keep it that way. Also, good feng shui is about balance.

When it is the case that animals are not cared for properly, that is, they are given the right conditions, care, interaction or too little stimulation, or treatment, it is very often that pets are in a higher position than people in the house. This means that the house is out of balance, and if this happens, feng shui is affected. The end result means that life is not as good as it could – or should – be.

Try to follow simple feng shui rules.


– unless it’s furniture specifically for them. This makes them equal to people.

2. Animals should not be in the bed, especially for couples. This divides the couple and gets in the way of romance, and sometimes, relationships. It would be better if the animal is not in the bedroom of the couple, but if you want to choose between pets sleeping in the room on the bed or the floor, go with the floor, never the bed.


Pets should enhance the home, not dominate. If a cat’s litter box is something you see – or smell – when you walk into someone’s house, then there’s a problem – and it’s not just the smell. If this is the case, you will find that this is a house that is usually occupied.

Maybe you have a dog that barks, jumps, scares or threatens people when they enter the house. So, you have a situation where every time someone comes in, you are afraid to come with them. Is this the kind of environment you want to live in?

If this sounds like pet(s), then at the very least, they should be secured in another room when someone comes over. The fear that inspires it will create a yin environment. If this is your situation, you have a home where your energy drags and your motivation is low.

One homeowner had a very large aggressive dog that she thought was sweet and adorable. However, this dog scares visitors. This dog definitely rules the roost and he knows it.

What’s worse is when the pet is given full reign in the house and the owner thinks it’s “cute.” One of the homeowners is struggling in several areas, especially with relationships. This is definitely a situation where animals come before people, and it makes one wonder if the dog scares away a potential love relationship. Authority must be re-established with this pet so that the house is allowed to attract people (or new love interests?)


If Fido or Fluffy do it, that’s a problem too. Feng shui is all about balance. If pets are truly superior, then the balance is off. For example, one woman has pictures of dogs all over the house. He struggles with finding a romantic partner and is very upset about being over forty with no prospect of love in sight. He even has an expensive oil painting of a dog on his bed.

Well, how can a romantic partner come to the house when 1) the dog barked and jumped at everyone who came to the door; and 2) the dog is the “top dog” to the extent that he symbolically sleeps over his master every night?

Although he was advised to move the image and make other improvements to help her in her love life, she would not part with the image and remains single to this day. Pets should not come between people.


I continue to be amazed by people who suffer from various health complaints, but they have eight indoor cats and swear it’s the pollen outside that bothers them. Cats are all over the furniture and the kitchen table. This is unhealthy, not to mention killing visitors. Cats, in particular, are yin animals. Balance the yin energy by keeping the lights on and playing music to keep your home active and energetic.


If you have to use a lint brush on your friends and family before you leave the house, this can keep other people from coming. Sticky fur is very “yin” and will make them tired or dirty when they leave your house. This energy then makes your house feel yin too.

If your home is unfriendly, visitors rarely come, or people leave immediately, then think about revitalizing the environment with bright colors, sunlight, music, or other active additions. It can be a very yin environment.

7. Use PETS to your advantage with FENG SHUI.

Just having a loving pet is good for you. However, the pet should also be good for the whole house as long as the animal is friendly, clean, and does not disturb your relations or visitors to your home.

Dogs are great for providing a home with cheerful energy, fish bring success, turtles symbolize longevity, and cats are a symbol of financial luck (that is, lucky cats seen in Asian business). So, as difficult as it may be, check your pet’s condition to make sure your pet is not harming your feng shui and improving your life.

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