Where do Ragdoll cats come from?

Let me tell you a short story about the Ragdoll

family and mode of birth. When I first read about it

This is me drinking a Diet Coke almost to the finish

with it on the monitor. I have an idea for you

It was amazing and fun as I did it.

I’m going to break the story down into stages, though

it was mixed. The reason I’m doing this is the story

How the Ragdoll family works is hard to say

the smallest. It took me a few readings to really understand it

it has come. So here it is…a brief history of the Ragdoll

Cat, and how they started.

There was a woman named Ann Baker and she lived

California. She has two cats, Josephine and Daddy Warbucks.

These two cats will be males of any size

cats. Without going into too much detail about it,

Daddy Warbucks lived up to his name and later with

Joesphine’s cats and her genes are a new type of cat

was born.

Ann Baker called them Ragdoll cats and then registered the

name, claiming royalites from other breeders using the name

“Ragdoll” for cats.

He started a cat registry in 1971, after reproducing

Ragdoll cats from Daddy Warbucks, also known as The International

Ragdoll Cat Association and she said the behavior is different

in 5 ways from other types of cats:

1) They are too big;

2) They are not susceptible to injury;

3) They are not ready to take care of themselves;

4) Their fur is not matted; a

5) Their body relaxes when you hold them.

This is all very well, but it doesn’t last forever


It’s an X-Files!

In a move worthy of Fox Mulder he began

making allegations about the cause of the

Types of Ragdoll. Out of this world too. Literally.

The Ragdoll Cat is not what you think, according to Ann Baker, who

He said the Ragdoll cat’s genetics are part of it

of a secret government experiment in genetics…and that’s it

The guests give him character. The demands were greater

this, but I don’t know how you can achieve that.

Despite her eccentricities Ann Baker was praised

setting the general look and shape of the flower. is it

It is not the breeder who brought in the Ragdoll cat

world view, though. Denny and Laura Dayton

the responsibility of it.

Even Ann Baker takes a walk on the wild side

organized the Ragdoll Fanciers’ Club International, and that

They are the ones who managed to register with the

NCFA, making the breed known as purebred.

You can imagine what you want. Maybe Daddy Warbucks

Abducted by aliens and then becomes the father of a whole

New breed of cats. Maybe it’s hard work and maintenance

born I trust the latter, myself. But if

You see a flying saucer on your roof, and wonder

why there, visitors may want to return

of their relatives. You don’t know…

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