Wildlife conservation works – Cheetah – The fastest living cat despite being a slow breeder

Yes, the Cheetah is the fastest living animal at 70 miles per hour. You can’t get out, even if you tried, you need a car going down the freeway to get out if someone is chasing you. These wild cats learn to run at a young age, as the cubs are fast, agile, and of high strength.

Cheetahs are very social animals and make all kinds of sounds, which is their way of communicating. They use it when catching, lounging around, playing, and some of those sounds are related to cell phones – which evoke biological responses.

There is a great article about this in a publication published by the Zoological Society of San Diego “ZooNooz” in their December 2009 issue called; “You Hear What I Hear: New Breeding Protocol for Cheetahs,” by Karyl Carmignani (staff writer) with close-up photos by award-winning zookeeper and photographer Ken Bohn of the Zoo San Diego.

According to his article, zookeepers listen to the sounds of Cheetahs, and they know when the male and female are ready. Of course, they recorded these sounds with other sounds. And many are according to the article; “purr, chirp, growl, snarl, hiss, cough, moan” but the sound excites the woman and “stimulates her vital functions to release the eggs” in her female parts and start her reproductive system in full swing.

This is interesting, and it’s great that the San Diego Zoo can use these voices and speakers to help in this process so that many healthy children can be born in the time until it expires. It is amazing how the science of zoology has saved so many endangered species. Perhaps, these techniques can be used to help other animals in the animal kingdom do the same?

Wildlife conservation is important for species that are struggling in the wild, some as a result of human intervention, and/or hunting – and the damage caused by the chain. food from human activity. In fact, I hope you feel comfortable considering all of these things when you think about wildlife conservation.

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