Why You Should Use Clicker Training for Obedience to Your Dog

Competitive obedience tests your clicker training for dog obedience skills in many different but interesting ways. This precise performance requires you to strive for absolutely confident teamwork as well as fast and accurate response to signals. Dog training for obedience has become an essential component of any healthy human-dog relationship today. Obedience training is a […]

Flooded Dog Aggression

Dog training is a popular topic. With magazines, TV shows, local trainers, and more, there are lots of ideas on the right way to train your dog. Years ago “alpha roll” was in vogue. Popularized by Monks of New Skete in their 1976 book How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friendthere were people everywhere pinning […]

Dog Care and Dog Training Made Simple

We may have addicted our pets to a comfortable life where, after cuddling them behind their dizzying ears, the master takes them out for daily walks and feeds them on command, but the natural self-cleaning instinct never fades. and the proud owner must perpetuate this instinct. This process is daily and weekly so dog grooming […]